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African studies abstracts

Provides indexing and abstracts to articles in over 200 journals and to the individual essays in books of collected essays related to African Studies. Also covers a limited number of films & documentaries related to Africa. Searching is most effective from the link to "All issues" in the left-hand menu, otherwise you will open a PDF of the print version of the index. Produced by the African Studies Center in Lieden, Holland, the search results screen lists articles in their original language of publication (the majority of which appear to be in English) but the search engine and commands default to Dutch; click on the British flag in the upper right to change these to English. No full text provided, but detailed abstracts are very useful. Some other reports and research studies are listed on the sidebar and may be available in full-text format. As of 5/11, searching is not compatible with Firefox 4.x versions, use IE instead. African Studies Center, University of Leiden, Netherlands

Date Coverage: 
1960's - present; highly selective coverage back to 1910
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Citations Only

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