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Année philologique

Provides an index to materials in the field of Classical Studies covering especially topics in Greco-Roman history and civilization, archaeology, language and literature. Since June 2009 this database, the electronic version of the print index L'Annee Philologique, has extended its coverage of scholarly publications back to 1924, when the print index was first offered. All years are searchable by the following: modern authors, full text (not full text of the articles but full text of the index!), and ancient authors and texts. For subjects and disciplines there are two options: one for those articles appearing prior to volume 67 and one for those articles appearing after volume 67. Coverage typically lags two years behind publication. Entries for journal articles usually have an abstract and the abstract is usually in the language of the article. By moving the cursor on a journal title abbreviation, the full title of the journal will be displayed. Tip: do not click on the abbreviation; the display of the full title may take a second or two. For books, book reviews are indicated using standard abbreviations for the journal that contains the review. Société internationale de bibliographie classique

Date Coverage: 
1924 to present with a two year delay
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Citations Only

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