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Database of latin dictionaries

Covers single-language dictionaries and multilingual ones. It links the dictionaries to databases of texts and tools, allowing for analysis. Among the dictionaries included are Forcellini's Onomasticon, A Latin Dictionary by Lewis and Short, the Dictionarius Familiaris et Compendiosus by Guillaume Le Talleur, and Glossary of Later Latin by Alexander Souter. Aims not only to integrate different types of Latin dictionaries, whether modern, medieval, or early-modern, but also to build in links between these different tools. All Latin word-forms that appear concretely in texts will have a link to entries in relevant dictionaries and from there the user can go and read the selected dictionary entry. Searchable by dictionary headword, Latin word-forms, non-Latin word forms, textual references, and full text. Brepolis

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Classical through early modern
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