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Digital library of classic Protestant texts

Provides access to a full-text searchable database of primary source Protestant documents covering the 16th and 17th centuries only. The collection includes the theological writings of more than 300 Protestant authors, as well as a wide range of confessional documents, biblical commentaries, polemical treatises, and Bible translations. Published by Alexander Street Press (publishers of the Digital Karl Barth Library), this resource has the same interface and the same searchability options and benefits as the aforementioned work, together with its clunky page advancing interface. This is a great resource for anyone seeking accessible primary source material on mainline Reformation intellectual and clerical leaders of the period. Coverage is broad and ecumenically representative, with one glaring exception: no Anabaptist/ Mennonite representation whatsoever. If you are seeking primary sources in the Reformed, Lutheran, Anglican, Quaker, Unitarian/Socinian, or Arminian traditions, this is a fruitful resource to search. If you are seeking Anabaptist primary sources, you will need to look elsewhere. Alexander Street Press

Date Coverage: 
1500-1700 CE
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