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Empire online

Provides access to primary source documents from libraries and archives around the world on the building of modern empires from the 15th to the 20th century. Provides simple keyword search which may be limited to a specific century, or browse by topic, name, or place. The collection of primary documents is divided into 5 sections: Cultural Contacts; The Visible Empire; The Literature of Empire; Religion & Empire; and Race, Class, Imperialism & Colonialism. Each section has a corresponding scholarly essay(s) outlining and discussing the major trends, issues, and movements of the time and how the scholarly perspective on these has changed over time. A separate tab lists the biographies of individuals named in the source documents, another tab contains a chronology, and there is a tab for teaching faculty on how to incorporate documents into courseware such as Blackboard. Primary Sources. Adam Matthew Digital

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15th - 20th centuries
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