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Encyclopedia of statistical sciences

Covers the essentials of statistics. Includes coverage of actuarial science; applications of statistics; bayesian inference; biostatistics and clinical trials; categorical data analysis; computational and graphical statistics; design of experiments; distributions and models; history and biography; inference; journals, societies, and agencies; life-testing, reliability, and survival analysis; linear models and designs; mathematical formulas, theories and techniques; multivariate analysis; nonparametric inference; nonparametric statistics; probability theory and applied probability; quality control; regression analysis and linear models; sampling; statistics in earth science; statistics in economics and econometrics; and time series analysis. Browsable by title and topic from the menus on the left. Searchable by topic, keyword, title, author, and article using the "Search This Book" option on the right. Based on 2nd edition and updated quarterly. Wiley Online Library
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