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Gerritsen collection of Aletta H. Jacobs

Trace the history of womens movements and feminism over four centuries of documents and journals and across multiple countries in Europe and North America in this one collection. Full-text of primary source documents, journals, and pamphlets, in 14 langages (primarily English, German, and French), it is possible to trace developments in a single country or across several countries. The Gerritsen Collection includes advice manuals, education and professional training, history, social conditions, social reform, legal status, womens health, and womens employment. Among the books are many biographies of women full-length biographies and biographical sketch collections. Gerritsen also has an extensive section of early womens periodicals from 1860 through the 1940s. Quick or Advanced search features are available for the entire collection, with limits for books or periodicals only. Primary Source. ProQuest

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