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IEEE Xplore digital library

Provides a search interface for all IEEE and partner publications, including journals, conference proceedings, and standards from SMPTE [alternatively: including all content from SMPTE]. Provides full-text access to IEEE journals, conference proceedings, technical standards, e- books, and educational courses published since 1872. Baylor access is limited to the IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) and the IBM Journal of Research and Development. Subjects covered include computing and processing; components, circuits, devices, and systems; communication, networking, and broadcasting; engineered materials, dielectrics, and plasmas; signal processing and analysis; power, energy, and industry applications; fields, waves, and electromagnetics; photonics and electro-optics; general topics for engineers (math, science and engineering); bioengineering; robotics and control systems; aerospace; engineering profession; geoscience; transportation; and nuclear engineering. Searchable by keyword, publisher, content type, year, subject, etc. Journals, proceedings, books, and courses are browsable by title or subject. Standards are browsable by number, subject, or subscription. Customizable accounts with login

Date Coverage: 
1872 to present
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Some Full Text