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Index of Medieval art

Emphasizes primarily western Europe. The "Index" is a record of Christian art in over 17 media types from the early apostolic times to 1550 (some collections include up to the mid 16th century). Recently Christian art from the Coptic and Near Eastern Christian traditions has been included. Each image is assigned a primary subject (the person(s), event, or scene in the image) and other subject fields to identify the other items in the image. Information on the image includes (as applicable): artist, name and location of work, medium, object type, style, school, date, dimensions, and description. Browse pre- defined fields by keywords; simple and advanced search features are also available. The online version contains only about 30% of the images and information available in the card index available at Princeton University. In 1957 the 100,000th image was added to the record and approximately 1,000 images have been added to the collection annually since then. The online database began in 1991 and contains nearly 80,000 works of art. Not all images are available for viewing due to copyright restrictions. Image quality varies greatly and may be black & white or color. Image records include a bibliography of scholarship on the image where it exists. N.B.: FROM SEARCH RESULTS LIST click on the number in the left column to access the images and bibliographic information in which you are interested. Princeton University

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0 - 1550
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