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Medieval family life

Brings together the manuscripts and printed editions of the papers and letters of five families from 15th century England in a searchable, digital format. Full color images of the manuscripts may be viewed side-by-side with the text of the printed editions. Collectively these materials provide insight into late medieval family life, business, social and community connections, and politics. Good supporting materials include a glossary, interactive map, family trees, chronologies, visual resources gallery, a scholarly introductory essay on family letter collections, and links out to other relevant scholarly web resources. The printed editions may be searched by keyword; both the manuscript and the transcript can be viewed in a split pane; the glossary is accessible from the viewing pane; and the words in the glossary are hyperlinked to all occurrences of the word in all other manuscripts (great for linguistic analysis). Both manuscript images and printed text images may be downloaded and saved as PDF documents; citations to the manuscripts and printed texts may be easily exported to EndNote or to RefWorks. Primary Source. Adam Matthew Digital

Date Coverage: 
15th - early 16th centuries
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