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Patrologiae cursus completus. Series Graeca

Provides full-text access to the printed works of Greek Christian writers down to the Council of Florence (1438- 39). This is a collection of the writings of the church leaders who wrote in Greek, including both the Eastern "Fathers" and those Western Christians who wrote before the Latin takeover of the West in the third century. The texts are generally interlaced with one column of Greek and a corresponding column on the other side of the page that is the Latin translation. Where the Greek has been lost, such as in Irenaeus, the full text appears only in Latin, and the extant Greek fragments of the work are interspersed throughout the Latin text. This is a full- text library of resources rather than a full-text database. Using the Control and F keys will bring up a rudimentary search engine. But searchability extends no farther than author searching of the HTML links. Scrolling down the entry list is only slightly less efficient. Full text is in JPG format, which makes electronic text capture problematic. Not a challenge for the Greek and Latin literate per se, but those requiring translation apps will have to key in the text themselves. Coverage is from the 2nd century CE to 1438-39 CE. Religious and Technology Center

Date Coverage: 
2nd century CE - 1438-39
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