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Religious and Theological Abstracts

Provides citation and abstract level access to a range of scholarly and non-scholarly journals in religion and theology. Christian content preponderates in indexing coverage, but coverage also includes a number of important Jewish scholarly periodicals and a fair number of scholarly journals covering other world faiths. The strengths of this database are its interdisciplinary coverage and its strong focus on scholarly journals in ministry studies. There is considerable overlap between this resource and other religion indexes in the areas of systematic theology, church history, philosophy, and biblical studies. And it provides no full-text access. So after locating relevant citations, the researcher will have to independently verify local availability in BU Library holdings by performing a journal title search in the catalog. Best used, therefore, as a second tier option for research in systematic, church history, philosophy, or biblical studies, where comprehensiveness of results is not imperative. However, for those researching topics in ministry studies, this is a resource of first resort. Its coverage of academic journals in ministry studies is deep, broad, and frequently unique. The search interface looks clunky but is actually reasonably sophisticated, giving the researcher a range of options including author, title, title/abstract, date range limiter, and journal title search features

Date Coverage: 
1958 - present
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Citations Only

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