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Contains abstracts, articles, and full text of more than 2500 journals and 11,000 books as far back as 1823. Subject areas include physical science and engineering (chemical engineering, chemistry, computer science, earth and planetary sciences, energy, engineering, materials science, mathematics, physics and astronomy); life sciences (agricultural and biological sciences, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, environmental science, immunology and microbiology, and neuroscience); health sciences (medicine and dentistry, nursing and health professions, pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutical science, veterinary science and veterinary medicine); and social science and humanities (arts and humanities, business, management and accounting, decision sciences, economics, econometrics and finance, psychology, social sciences). Full-text availability indicated by a green box. Both articles and images are searchable by keyword, author, ISBN, etc. Cross references to related journal and reference work articles. Some tables are downloadable into excel. Customizable personal accounts

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1823 to present
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