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Siam journals online

Contains the electronic full text for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) journals from 1997 including Multiscale Modeling and & Simulation; SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems; SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics; SIAM Journal on Computing; SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization; SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics; SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics; SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences; SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis; SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis & Applications; SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis; SIAM Journal on Optimization; SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing; SIAM Review; and Theory of Probability and Its Applications. Searchable by keyword, title, author, etc. Includes recently posted articles scheduled to appear in SIAM's print journals over the next one to two years. Articles are published in electronic versions approximately four months after acceptance. SIAM e-books are also searchable but in general not accessible

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1997 to present
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