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Thesaurus linguae Graecae

Includes most literary Greek texts from Homer to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453. The goal is a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present. Not included are non-literary texts, such as personal letters, commercial texts, and inscriptions. NOTE : To search using Greek characters, an appropriate Greek font must be installed on your computer. Search may be performed in the entire TLG corpus or in a group of authors or works. The canon is searchable by author, work, publication, or keyword. Simple and advanced text searches are available as well as lemma and advanced lemma searches. A Lemmatized Search allows the user to enter a lemma, i.e., the dictionary form of a word, and retrieve all inflected forms linked to this lemma and present in the TLG corpus. Note: TLG now requires that all users create a user profile, with a user name and password to be used to access the site

Date Coverage: 
Homer to 1453
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