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Vetus Latina database

Indexes the manuscript records of a project of the Vetus Latina Institut in Beurum. Vetus Latina is the phrase used to designate the Latin predecessors of the Vulgate translation. The project provides a full text archive of pre-Vulgate Latin Bible translations. Pre-Vulgate Latin Bibles are no longer extant. What this resource provides access to therefore are full text quotations of earlier Latin Bibles cited in patristic sources. The user interface is initially challenging. Database features and commands are exclusively in German, with no translation app or alternative English version of the interface. The full text and bibliographic records are inscribed or typed on 3x5 index cards, accessible as individual pdfs. Most useful to students in Western patristics and scholars of the Latin Bible and its history. Brepolis

Date Coverage: 
1st - 5th centuries CE
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Citations Only

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